Privacy Rules Top The List Of Digital Challenges In 2022

A new survey of global business executives finds most looking to overcome several challenges for their digital teams — with privacy regulations topping the list for 2022.

Among those challenges are privacy regulations and guidelines; organizational silos; inability to move quickly and adapt, lack of insight into what is working and what is not; wasted data, and vendor lock-in and/or lack of integration.

Considering those challenges as “tools and technology not being used and/or optimized for their potential,” digital experience (DX) platform Optimizely, which conducted the survey, notes businesses are continuing to invest in new solutions. It suggests using these tools to meet broader business objectives and drive outcomes, as well as integrate with existing solutions, “thereby maximizing prior investments and reducing any future silos.”

The survey also found experimentation will be a major priority for 87% of respondents, with 89% planning to run more experiments in 2022 to help improve DX.

“This is a positive sign, especially as we saw earlier respondents reporting their business is not yet adaptive, and 41% said their organization takes minimal risks,” says Optimizely.

Nearly all (99%) respondents report at least one of the following as a top objective for their company in 2022: acquiring new customers; driving outcomes; driving revenue; differentiating from competitors; retaining customers; driving costs; driving customer loyalty, and passing competitors.

The survey included 1,177 business executive respondents across ecommerce, marketing and IT functions based in the U.S., UK, Germany, Australia and Sweden.

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