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Nina Lentini is editor of events and research at MediaPost. You can reach her at

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  • Case Study: HP's In-Housing Evolution in Show Daily on 08/23/2019

    Because HP wants its media to work hard, it looked at reasons why, besides cost, it should bring programmatic buying in-house and found several reasons.

  • The Amazon Inventory in Show Daily on 08/23/2019

    Havas Chicago's programmatic strategy team is unique in that it sits with media, social and search team to take a full-funnel approach to media buying. Amazon, said Sarah Koch, VP, Programmatic Strategy Director (above with microphone), is just one DSP.

  • How Do You Buy? in Show Daily on 08/23/2019

    Two entities make up TechStyle's programmatic value: Time and depth of data. And, its buying strategy involves "trying to debunk [the idea] that programmatic is complex" by clearly defining everything and apportioning time thusly.

  • The New Product Media Journey in Show Daily on 08/23/2019

    "We have a robust search team, display, email, and prospecting," said Pasha, "and we're getting into the CTV space." Most of the new entity's success has been on its VPN app.

  • Planning for Transparency in Show Daily on 08/22/2019

    Speaking about transparency, an agency director admitted that one thing that drives him crazy is when it takes him 10 minutes to understand what category of potential client he's talking to. "They're trying to signal differentiation by obfuscating what they really do.

  • Panel: The First Party Data Plan in Show Daily on 08/22/2019

    "From the data side, it's understanding the right way to reach someone. If you didn't have a great experience, I don't want to spend dollars to get you back."

  • AdTech 2.0 - Building Experiences, Not Stacks in Show Daily on 08/22/2019

    In order to create a more holistic view for the consumer, T-Mobile has taken another look at its tech ecosystem, and is working to solve for the impact that those things have on the consumer experience.

  • Scrubbing the Data: A Brand Housekeeping Guide in Show Daily on 08/22/2019

    "I am bombarded by agencies, vendors, services, all saying we have this amazing AI and we can get you a great customer. I say, can I get a pretty good customer? I'll take a crap customer, too."

  • Rust-Oleum: Celebrating Real Instagrammable Transformations in Show Daily on 08/21/2019

    Rust-Oleum wanted to go beyond its core users to capture and inspire the next generation of DIYers. It saw how Millennials had grown up with social, where the things they post "have to be perfect."

  • Back to Basics: Organic Valley's Creative/Media Evolution in Show Daily on 08/22/2019

    Organic Valley had spent the last 35 years telling its story about being organic. Then the market evolved and organic alone was not enough.

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