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Nina Lentini is editor of events and research at MediaPost. You can reach her at

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  • Never Mind Advanced TV. What Is TV? in Advanced TV Insider on 07/08/2022

    Television, that quaint term for moving pictures in a box, has roots in the 19th century, and it has been advancing ever since. I recall black-and-white television back in the 1950s: "Leave It to Beaver," "Lassie," "The Lone Ranger." Growing up in the middle of Connecticut, we used tin foil on the set's antennas to tune in to stations up in Hartford and down in New Haven.

  • Technology Exacerbates The Digital Divide in Digital News Daily on 07/07/2022

    We all got used to scanning QR codes in order to access menus at the few restaurants we dined at (outdoors) during the height of the pandemic. Actually, only some of us did. Others were left to either ask for a menu (sorry, no) or rely on the one person in our group who knew how the darn thing worked.

  • Cybersecurity Takes On Digital As It Proliferates in Digital News Daily on 07/06/2022

    Digital transformation has been the biggest change in cybersecurity, with security teams at companies poised to take on the responsible use of data that is the key to business value.

  • Pandemic Behind, Weather Ahead Make Mixed Bag For VOD Providers in Video Insider on 07/05/2022

    Recently, I poked around on my iPad for a movie I had been watching the evening before, wanting to take up where I'd left off. No luck.

  • Media All-Star: Christian Juhl in MediaPost All Stars on 01/07/2022

    When Christian Juhl was a kid, he actually loved watching ads on TV. As an adult, he came into the world of advertising via the e-commerce side and programming, interested in finding out what one could order online.

  • Media All-Star: Daryl Lee in MediaPost All Stars on 01/07/2022

    IPG will become the first media holding company to apply quality standards to TV news, "helping clients prioritize investment in truthful news content and away from environments of misinformation and potential brand harm," early next year.

  • Creative All-Star: Erica Schmidt in MediaPost All Stars on 01/07/2022

    Erica Schmidt has led Matterkind, Interpublic Group's activation intelligence company (previously Cadreon), for the past six years and continues to break barriers as global CEO, focusing on introducing the industry to a people-first approach to engaging audiences and driving brand growth regardless of channel on a global scale.

  • Marketer All-Star: Tracy-Ann Lim in MediaPost All Stars on 01/07/2022

    One of Tracy-Ann Lim's many achievements as the chief media officer of JPMorgan Chase & Co. is the consolidated Media Center of Excellence (COE), a team that manages everything from strategy to execution globally across both paid and organic channels. This centralized way of working allows JPMC to holistically, cohesively steward the firm's go-to-market investments and care for the safety of its brands and messages in market.

  • Digital Expansion Powers Global Ad Spend To New Record in Search & Performance Insider on 12/03/2021

    A new report from eMarketer charts 2021's ginormous rebound over 2020, and finds total spending by year's end will tower over 2019's pre-pandemic numbers by $120 million.

  • Laurie Sullivan Will Be Back Monday, December 6 in Search & Performance Marketing Daily on 12/03/2021

    Laurie Sullivan will be back in your inbox Monday, Dec. 6 with news and information. Thanks for hanging with me the past 2 weeks.

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