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Nina Lentini is editor of events and research at MediaPost. You can reach her at

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  • Hearst Sees How Data Mining Boosts Revenue in Show Daily: Videos on 06/20/2019

    "Data has become real. Our data is creating value for our advertisers, and this is very exciting for us." Indeed, Hearst's goal is to be the world's leading data-driven media company.

  • What To Do When Your Email Team Is ... Just You in Show Daily: Videos on 06/19/2019

    When she found herself a team of one after her co-worker took another job, the Atlanta Hawks & State Farm Arena's Charma Parker knew her higher-ups wanted her to be duck-like. Quack! How so? "Calm on top but paddling like hell underneath."

  • Betting Big On OTT in Show Daily on 06/15/2019

    Newsy has pivoted from desktop syndication to OTT, which has proven successful but difficult "and a dangerous place to go" without pay to play, said Freddie Godfrey, senior director, strategic partnerships, Newsy/Scripps.

  • So You're An Agency Now in Show Daily on 06/15/2019

    "We are bullish on getting way into strategy, creative and getting the cash flow." In April, the company bought Cubic Creative, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  • Selling the PMP Value Proposition in Show Daily on 06/14/2019

    "DSPs were first to realize they had to fight more to win more inventory. In the long term, we ended up making more money."

  • Evolving Women's Media: A Fuller Perspective in Show Daily on 06/14/2019

    In order to diversify, "Hollywood Life" has been working with platforms like Apple News, which she said has been a "fantastic place to showcase editorial and build audience."

  • Apple 'Minus?' and The New Math of Distribution in Show Daily on 06/13/2019

    With Facebook Watch, the platform wants loyalty and active viewing. "They're adjusting to understanding what we as publishers are pushing for."

  • Is Revenue Diversification a 'Strategy' Yet? in Show Daily on 06/13/2019

    "The reality is, the print business is eroding quickly," said McClatchy's Nick Johnson, "although it is stabilizing. We have to become digital very quickly, and we have to make sure sellers understand it."

  • Hearst Magazines: The Data-Driven Publisher in Show Daily on 06/13/2019

    The company employs trained data scientists. In fact, Mike Smith is back in college to learn data mining and machine learning "so I can work with the folks who know these processes."

  • Building Stacks That Last in Show Daily on 06/12/2019

    Nout Boctor-Smith, marketing technologist at ADP, has no ERP or CDP -- but she uses CRM, which integrates with a marketing automation tool.

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