Cybersecurity Takes On Digital As It Proliferates

Digital transformation has been the biggest change in cybersecurity, with security teams at companies poised to take on the responsible use of data that is the key to business value.

So Jason Chan, former vice president of information security at Netflix, tells the Jerusalem Post in a recent interview. As he describes it, the cloud drew firms that saw what velocity and efficiency could do for them with security right behind, leveraging digital to become more efficient and automated.

Now, he says, companies saw the relationship between data's value and their ability to take on competitors. "Whether it's through things like analytics, or in a more advanced way, things like machine learning or AI, they recognize that [extracting value from data is] really the key to success."

Since leaving Netflix, Chan has advised several startups, including Sentra, an Israeli cybersecurity company, and Torq, an Israeli tech startup.



He is focused on managing data and ventures through security and privacy but also through legal, regulation, retention and backups. Companies are constantly becoming more digital, and management of all that takes more time and people. Working with about a dozen startups, Chan advises on product/market fit as well as building security programs.

"It's typically introducing founders to [businesses] that might be interested in either purchasing or providing feedback on the startup’s product; or providing feedback on a product’s progress and [its trajectory]. I wouldn't say it’s quite like product management, but almost like trying to be the voice of the customer in a [fairly] consistent way."

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