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Loyalty Marketing: A B2B Case Study

All marketers know that retaining current customers is as important as gaining new ones. For that reason, loyalty programs have been established to make sure customers keep coming back. They come in many shapes and forms, but not all of them work. The loss of customers is inevitable to some degree, but efforts must be made to keep them. This case study of a successful B2B loyalty program contains valuable lessons that might be applied to almost any customer relationship. It examines the flaws in rewards and points programs and explores the reasons why customers leave in the first place. It also reminds marketers of the key to any successful loyalty program--making customers feel special. "When you're a customer who spends a lot of money with a company, you don't want the ordinary rules to apply to you," states Nick Mavrick, vice president, global strategy & marketing for Volvo Rents, a construction and industrial equipment rental chain. "You want to know you are special. Maybe you don't want to pay shipping charges. Or you need to have your big delivery on a Sunday morning. Bending over backward for your best customers--that's what loyalty marketing is all about."



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