Mass Transit Becomes Mass Media, Gives New Meaning To Media Spin

Millions of people in downtown Chicago are literally waiting in line to grab advertising as they push through the turnstiles of Chicago's transit system.

Monster Media recently unveiled the first-ever transit application of its patented Turnstile AdSleeves as part of a unique pilot program with Viacom Outdoor. Nearly 300 turnstiles are now dressed with the adsleeves bearing insurance provider Geico's message.

"Millions of Chicago commuters are physically touching Geico advertising every day," says John Payne, president, Monster Media. "This kind of daily repetition is sure to build brand equity." Monster Media is the preeminent provider of turnstile advertising throughout the United States and in 14 other countries. The Florida-based company patented the concept nearly seven years ago, which allows sleeves to be custom fitted to any turnstile or crowd management equipment.

More than 200 million sports fans passing through turnstiles at sporting events each year have encountered adsleeve advertising from brands including Cingular Wireless, Pepsi, and Blimpie. The adsleeves are also found on turnstiles at concert halls, convention centers, and golf tournaments.

Tricia Despres is a regular contributor to MEDIA magazine. This article is republished from the December issue.



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