Kanoodle Launches Behavioral Targeting Network

  • December 6, 2005
Online ad company Kanoodle has launched a behavioral-targeting network, the company said Monday. The service, BrightAds, relies on small and mid-sized publishers distributing Kanoodle cookies to readers. Kanoodle then classifies online users based largely on the most recent Web page visited, and uses that information to serve text-based cost-per-click ads.

Tacoda piloted a similar initiative last year, but soon dropped it in favor of a focus on creating a network for cost-per-thousand impression display ads served to users based on their online behavior.

Kanoodle already works with publishers and advertisers to serve contextual ads; Kanoodle also offered behavioral targeting in the past, but only within sites. Doug Perlson, senior vice president and general manager of Kanoodle, said that more than half of the publishers Kanoodle currently works with have signed up for the new service.

The last network publisher that a user visits before being served--and clicking on--a Kanoodle ad will receive 5 percent of the cost-per-click.

--Wendy Davis



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