Email Entanglement: Consumers Love It -- With Conditions

Half of consumers have purchased a product as the result of an email within the last 12 months, according to the 2022 Digital Consumer Trends Index, a study by Cheetah Digital, conducted with Econsultancy.  

This represents a 9% hike over the prior year. And there has been a 19% uptick in the number who have made a purchase because of an email they viewed on their mobile phone.  

That doesn’t mean these consumers are happy. For one thing, 49% were frustrated by irrelevant content or offers, and 41% by messaging that didn’t reflect their needs. 

And 35% were put off by messaging based on information that they hadn’t shared directly with a brand. However, that privacy issues far outpace email as causes for worry.  

For instance, 62% of consumers are creeped out by cookie-based product recommendations. And 58% do not trust social media platforms with their data. 

Moreover, people are concerned about the following practices: 

  • Ads based on location data—67%
  • Retargeting ads derived from cookie tracking—62% 
  • Ads related to something they talked about near a smart device—61%   



There also have been big increases in use of these mechanisms for protecting privacy:  

  • Incognito browsing--50%  
  • A PC cleaner—48% 
  • Password generator—40%
  • Ad blocking tech--37% 
  • Paid for premium software—31% 
  • A password manager 31%

Meanwhile, 72% are unaware that cookies will be soon disappearing. (13% will miss them). And only 37% are optimistic that brands will come up with a way of sharing data that is fairer to everyone.

But here’s some more positive news. For starters, 71% of consumers feel they receive the right amount of messaging via email, apps or SMS on loyalty programs—or would even like more. And 68% say the same VIP offers and 65% about messages on brand values. 

What’s more, 55% are comfortable sharing data like clothing size, age and family make-up for better service. And an equal percentage will trade personal and preference data to feel apart of a brand’s community.   

Want to earn a customer’s loyalty? There have been increases in those who want you to treat them as individuals (110%) reat their data with respect (71%), alien with their personal values (58%) and offer admirable loyalty programs (55%). 

The study also shows increases in desire for contests and seepstakes (73%), exclusive access and content (58%), and personalized product recommendations (56%). 

Finally, here’s more good news about email, although we’re not sure how it was determined: It beats banner ads, social media ads, organic posts and SMS by up to 108%.

Cheetah Digital surveyed 5,404 consumers across Australia, France, Japan, Spain, the U.K. and Ireland, and the U.S.. 


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