Horizon/Pitbull's 305 Uses Extraordinary Kids For Nutritious Snack Brand

Nutritious, squeezable fruit snack GoGo SqueeZ has tapped "culture-first" agency 305 Worldwide for a campaign aimed at empowering kids and their parents vis a vis better nutrition.

The agency, a joint venture of Horizon Media and Armando Christian Pérez (Pitbull), has developed a variety of approaches featuring real kids performing in real athletic situations, emphasizing the importance of nutrition, physical play and mental health.

The "Squeez Out Their Best" campaign focuses on four extraordinary kids who overcame obstacles, including Angelica “Cookie” Serratos, an 11-year-old girl who is undefeated in the typically male-dominated sport of wrestling; Hannah Longmire, a double-amputee runner and Two Time National Record Holder; Selah Schneiters, the first 9-year-old person to climb El Capitan; and Chase Carrera, obsessed with becoming a professional soccer player with 49,000-plus Instagram followers following his journey.

The multichannel campaign will utilize a multimedia approach, spanning CTV, online video, audio, social, as well as grassroots marketing.



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