Cloudflare Adds Email Security And Other Capabilities To Zero Trust Platform

Security firm Cloudflare Inc. has added several new features to Cloudflare One, its Zero Trust SASE platform, including email protection, data loss prevention tools and cloud access security broker. 

One challenge facing brands is that “every vendor has a different definition for Zero Trust, turning a critical approach to security into a misunderstood and overused term," states Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare. 

Prince adds, "We believe Zero Trust must extend to the entire network, all the way from email to data centers, and accelerate user and endpoint connections, not slow people down.”

The new features include:

  • Automatic phishing protection
  • Ability to secure every connection with Zero Trust controls while accelerating users and services
  • Controls for data in any location
  • Ability to connect and secure data, devices, offices, cloud networks, and more without relying on hardware boxes, through Cloudflare Magic WAN.



Prince states Cloudflare wants to” give every customer a step-by-step guide for what they can do today, this week, and this month to make themselves more secure regardless of what vendor they use."


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