Want Fries With That?

This second week of July seems to be a time for corporate giveaways. On July 11 (7-11), 7-Eleven offered a free small Slurpee drink via its 7Rewards loyalty program.

Concurrently, both McDonald’s and Wendy’s are offering free fries to customers. This week on National French Fry Day (July 13), McDonald’s gave away free orders of large fries with no purchase necessary. Wendy’s, meanwhile, is offering free fries with specific purchases. Such purchases change every day of the week. Wendy’s also gave away free fries in the month of February.

Wendy’s rolled out Hot & Crispy Fries in 2021. It was the chain’s first fry revamp in more than a decade. In addition to balancing the cut of the fry and keeping a bit of skin on the potato to drive flavor, Wendy’s employed a new batter system to maintain crispness. Wendy’s also pledged to replace your fries if they’re not hot and crispy.



Reviews of the fries have been good. The Thrillist gave it a positive review, as did Uproxx, but reviewers on Reddit were split: Some bemoaned the loss of 1990s fries, while others declared them the “best fries.” On its list of the top 20 fast-food fries, Thrillist ranked Wendy’s new fries No. 5, a solid showing. (Arby’s Curly Fries were No. 1.)

Whatever the case, Wendy’s fries appear to have improved. The chain has apparently concluded that the best way to market them is to give them away for free.

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