The Power Of The Mom Vote In 2022

Midterm candidates beware:  U.S. moms intend to be more active than ever in the upcoming elections. According to my recent survey,  it appears that the impact of rising fuel and grocery prices, school violence, crime and public health changes will elevate the effects of the Mom Vote.

Fifty-two percent of moms admit that recent events will change their voting behaviors in the upcoming elections. Fifty-three percent of moms say they will do more research on candidates. 

With their newfound knowledge, moms intend to head to the polls in greater numbers.  Fifty percent say they will vote in local elections that might not have made it onto their “to-do list” in the past, while 48% intend to vote in primaries as well.  Almost 13% will volunteer for a specific candidate or campaign -- up from 8% in 2020.

The power of the Mom Vote will be the strongest force we’ve seen since 1992, when Soccer Moms were credited with voting Bill Clinton into the White House. The difference is, this time it won’t just be Soccer Moms or Hockey Moms, but all moms -- united by high gas and food prices and shortages that range from Gatorade to infant formula, popcorn to Pop Tarts.



The study surveyed 529 moms across the United States during the week of July 23, 2022. Respondents represented all political parties and ethnic diversity, and were composed of both married and single-family households.

As a reminder, U.S. mothers control more than $3.1 trillion in the U.S. economy and over 33 million votes.

Other survey insights include:

-- Eighty-nine percent of moms say that the high prices of products and groceries have impacted their family, followed by smaller percentages affected by product shortages and higher home prices.

-- Sixty-six percent report consolidating errands and shopping trips, with almost 40% admitting to canceling road trips with family to adapt to rising prices.  

 -- As kids head back to the classroom, 37% of moms expect to spend less than did last year on school essentials.  Their strategies for saving include searching for discount codes (76%) and monitoring sales at major retailers (64%).   Sixty-one percent of cost-cutting moms will reuse old school supplies instead of buying new ones.  Thirty percent of moms admit that they will have their children share supplies at home.

-- Seventy percent of moms report experiencing incremental fees being charged by service providers who are passing on rising costs to them. Interestingly, only 40% of these moms have changed their service providers due to these fees, demonstrating again that moms are loyal consumers.

Moms recently organized to find infant formula for other moms. There’s no doubt they will use their organizational skills to motivate other moms to join them at the polls.

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