Lee Enterprises Cuts Several Comic Strips

Lee Enterprises has pulled numerous comic strips from its  newspapers.

One was "Dilbert," the popular strip about a workplace nerd. 

“'Dilbert' was canceled in 77 newspapers this week,” cartoonist Scott Adams tweeted, according to the Seattle Times. 

Another was "Bizarro," by Dan Piraro.

“Lee Enterprises, a newspaper group that is majority-owned by a large investment firm, stopped running ‘Bizarro’ and many other comics in their papers this past week,” Piraro wrote on his webpage, the Seattle Times continues. 

Such strips as "Baby Blues," "Red" and "Rover and Mutts" have also been eliminated.

In a perhaps typical situation, the St. Louis Dispatch has gone from 34 comics to 10, according to The Comics Journal

The removals have dealt a financial blow to carrtoonists who rely on print newspapers for revenue.

“Many readers figure that since 'Bizarro' is well-known, that I must be rich,” Piraro wrote. “That’s never been the case and as more people turn to reading comics exclusively online, the industry has continued to shrink along with my income.”



The company has not removed all comics: It still provides a comics page, leaving some readers to wonder if there was a political component to the choices. 

Lee Enterprises had not responded to a request for comment at deadline. 



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