Substack Acquires Yem, Firm That Helps Writers Build Lists

Substack has acquired Yem, a firm that helps writers build their email lists. 

The company announced the purchase in passing among a list of other developments.  

“We acquired Yem, a startup that helped newsletter writers grow their mailing lists and paid subscriber bases through smart email marketing,” it says. “We’re building the magic of Yem into Substack.”

In addition, the firm reently launched Referrals, through which paid subscribers can give friends “a one-month gift subscription to a publication they love.”

Substack is also offering post-page concersion experiments. “We’re testing different subscribe prompts to encourage new or casual readers to subscribe to your Substack and seeing very promising early results.”

Another new product is Substack Boost, which is now in early beta. Substack calls it “our most energetic investment in helping writers accelerate their growth.” 

When a publication turns on Boost, “we’ll use data to automatically show discounts and special offers at appropriate moments to maximize revenue,” Substack says. 

Yam’s 10 employees will all be joining Substack, according to Axios, which first reported the story. 



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