'The Minnesota Daily's' Print Edition Is Gone For Good: Report

The Minnesota Daily, a campus publication dating back 120 years, has apparently given up its print edition for good.  

The newspaper cut off print in 2020—supposedly on a temporary basis. “To the University community, It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing that the print edition of the Minnesota Daily has been canceled for the summer,” wrote then editor Cleo Krejci  in an editorial. 

But now it is apparent that the daily has never been restored, and that it won’t be in the future. 

“The decision to cut printing for that year, part was financial and part was logistical–there weren’t really students on campus,” former editor Dylan Miettinen told Racket.  

Miettinen added, “That was a board decision, but it was also the obvious choice. However, it was kind of my fear a little bit that the print product would die out, and the pandemic would be the last nail in the coffin,” Racket continued.



The Minnesota Daily is hardly the only campus publication to move in this direction. The Harvard Crimson announced this summer that it was cutting its daily print edition to weekly. 

“Over the past two decades, our newspaper—and the journalism industry—has raced to keep up with the pace of the internet, where content is delivered faster and more creatively than it was when our presses first ran in 1873,” the paper said in a letter to readers. “Today, an overwhelming majority of our readers interact with our content online.”

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