B2B Lead Generation Tips

Marketers use a number of methods to attract clients. Hypothesis testing helps to reveal which methods work best for you. However, lead generation is the most common method B2B marketers use to drive prospects to their organization.

Let me share a few tips on how to do lead generation successfully. 

Go for email marketing instead of cold calling 

Cold calls may not make it far in your product suite because:

  • Calls are less productive. On the contrary, you can send dozens and hundreds of emails at a time. 
  • It’s easier to find a business email and less intrusive to send a message compared to calling a person on their private number.
  • Prospects can read emails several times over and forward them to colleagues, which is impossible with a telephone conversation.

An outbound email is a great tool for those who need to quickly verify hypotheses about products, different industries, and markets. 



Create different content formats for various funnel stages

  • Blog articles generate traffic.
  • Downloadable guides help collect leads.
  • Emails provide automation.
  • Case studies or testimonials help convert a lead into a meeting.

Use the power of social proof 

Using social proof to showcase your expertise is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Develop a seamless process for clients’ testimonials and reviews. Invite clients to record a video testimonial and turn it into an aesthetically pleasing type of content. Client feedback helps to refine your processes and showcase your results for bottom-of-funnel prospects. 

Combine marketing channels according to the speed at which you can achieve results

SEO requires a longer period to pay off. While it may not generate any leads at once, it is still very important. By directing your efforts into PPC and various outbound methods (calls, email newsletters, and paid advertising), you can generate quick leads while you nurture other channels that require much effort and time.

To build an efficient process, allocate tasks among different teams

  • Researchers should be looking for companies and their contacts.
  • Template writers should write cold templates for emails.
  • Email deliverability specialists should set up the email infrastructure.
  • SDR/BDR (sales/business development representatives) launch campaigns, follow up responses and encourage prospects to meet with the sales teams.

Don’t give up too early, and don’t waste time if the sales cycle is dragged on

B2B sales cycle can last two to three months for inbound channel and twice as long for outbound. However, it all depends on your product and the type of companies you work with. The bigger the business, the more people influence decision-making, and the longer negotiations can take.

Finally, the best business hack for lead generation is to love your product and customers! Aim to bring value to every client with each campaign your launch. The value generated is the most effective measurement.

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