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A Consumer Electronics Show With Focus On Branding

  • Ad Age, Thursday, December 29, 2005 10:30 AM
The massive Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas at the beginning of every year, has long been thought of as a weather vane for the year ahead in sexy consumer gizmos and gadgets, but increasingly--and particularly this year if you have a look at the session line-up--Internet media is making headlines. In fact, as Ad Age points out, branding figures to be a hot topic at this year's show, as more and more marketers look into branded entertainment and high-tech marketing. This year's sessions include: "Advertising and Games: From In-Game Advertising to Cross Promotion and Custom Brand Extension"; "Internet Video, Advertising & Marketing: The Next Generation of Consumer Reach"; and "Mobile Media, Advertising, and Brand Marketing." A show that has never really been thought of as a marketing showcase this year will feature such Internet advertising heavyweights as Google co-founder Larry Page and Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel as speakers. The show is expected to draw a record-breaking crowd of more than 130,000 attendees from 110 countries Jan. 5-8.



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