Look Before You Keep

Look Before You Keep

Of import to those buyers previously dependent on certain technology magazines, some may not still be there! In February CMP Media closed Internet Week, and Future Networks U.S. subsidiary, Imagine Media, closed T3, Revolution, Maximum Linux, digital FOTO, Total Movie and Official Dreamcast Magazine. Also in February, 101communications, shut down Enterprise Linux.

A recent Ziff Davis report, entitled Technology Advertising & Branding Report from ZDNet, said that after posting ad page declines of 4%, 10.9% and 9.6% over the past three years, technology magazines recorded their worst year yet with 32 consumer and trade computer magazines having a 33.7% ad page decline and a 32.4% drop in estimated ad revenues in 2001. The 32 magazines carried 40,416 ad pages last year and generated an estimated $1 billion in estimated gross ad revenue compared to 60,918 pages and $1.48 billion in 2000.

The 10 consumer magazines (in the report) carried 10,746 ad pages, down 27.5%, and generated $337.2 million in estimated gross ad dollars, a decline of 23.9%. Yahoo! Internet Life had the sharpest percentage decline in ad pages at 38.2%. CNET Network's Computer Shopper posted the steepest percentage decline in estimated gross ad revenues at 32.1%.

The 22 trade publications carried 29,671 ad pages, down 35.6%, and generated $664.8 million in estimated gross ad revenue, a decline of 36.1%. Internet World had the largest percentage drop in ad pages and decline in estimated gross ad revenue in 2001 at 74.1% and 66.8% respectively.

Two magazines, though, posted ad page and revenue increases. Laptop had a 3.3% increase in ad pages and a 10.2% increase in estimated gross ad dollars, and Government Computer News posted a 1.8% increase in both ad pages and estimated gross ad dollars during 2001.

Despite the shutdowns, Ziff Davis Media launched CIO Insight in May, and Baseline in October.

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