Long-Term Discounts Dominated Cyber Monday Subscription Offers

Email inboxes were awash with discount offers on Cyber Monday. And that included subscription offers from publishers.  

However, extended promotional periods held sway over deeper discounts, according to an analysis by Toolkits. 

That was out of necessity, since many had “already offered months-long trials for as little as $1 in early November,” Jack Marshall writes.  

Marshall notes that promotional length was “the next obvious variable to adjust.

On Cyber Monday, “48% of publishers offered new subscriptions of various lengths for a commitment of $1 or less, and 82% offered access for $12 or less,” Marshall continues.

In addition, “the average subscription price available to new subscribers dipped 17% on Cyber Monday to reach $0.079 per day, compared with $0.095 per day on November 10th,” he reports.

That drop was probably due to extended promotional periods.  



Why the extended periods? “Having discounted so deeply already, they’re being forced to find other hooks on which to hang promotional offers, 

Marshal adds,  ]“In some instances $1 purchased 1 month of access, but in many cases it purchased 3 or 6 months. Other publishers offered 1 year of access for $10 or $12.

That raises questions—not yet answered—about “when, exactly, publishers expect newly converted subscribers to begin generating meaningful revenue,” Marshall says. 



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