Digital Media Revenues Fell In Q3: Study

Digital media revenues fell at publicly traded U.S. companies in Q3 compared to Q2 levels, according to the 2022 Q3 report from Oarex. 

Meta saw YoY revenues decline by 4%, and Google Networks by 2%, and Snap increased by 6%.

MediaAlpha showed a 42% YoY drop. But several companies scored increases of more than 25%, including IAC/Interactive, DoubleVerify, Zeta Global, The Trade Desk, Perion Network, Hubspot, and Integral Ad Science.

“The trend we see, in slowing revenues and increasing late payments, is concerning,” states Nick Carrabbia, EVP at Oarex.“As opposed to our prior revenue report, Q3 revenue growth appears to confirm the broader recession narrative, and businesses should consider that as they plan for 2023.”



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