Take Heart: 2 Pharma Companies Aim To Solve Health Inequities For Black, Latina Women

Pharma companies Eli Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim have expanded an eight-month-old “Hear Your Heart” initiative targeted at Black and Latina women with the launch of Spanish-language materials under the “Cuide Su Corazón” banner. Marketing Daily discussed the program via email with Elena Livshina, U.S. head of cardiovascular portfolio, commercial, Boehringer Ingelheim. The interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Marketing Daily:: What’s the significance of the target market to heart health?

Livshina  One in three Latina women have a form of cardiovascular or heart disease, and yet studies suggest that Latino adults are the racial and ethnic group least likely to visit a doctor’s office. The reasons vary but may include a strong preference for cultural or family remedies, distrust in the medical system, language barriers, lack of time, or even some combination of all. And when it comes to heart failure, due to significant health disparities and inequities, Latina women have even worse health outcomes.



Marketing Daily:Since Latina women were one of the two target audiences for “Hear Your Heart,” why wasn’t the Spanish-language content launched back in April?

Livshina:With a large-scale initiative like this, it was important to take a phased approach, to ensure we can gather learnings from our initial launch to apply to future program expansions.

“Hear Your Heart” and “Cuide Su Corazón” are multiyear efforts, and we plan to continue to keep them fresh with new content, resources and spokespeople.

We saw the success of communicating our messages of hope and resilience through authentic voices. We first brought those messages to life through real stories from Tannie, a woman living with heart failure, and Dr. Alanna Morris, an expert cardiologist.

For“Cuide Su Corazón,” we developed relevant content featuring two Latina spokespeople: Lupe, a woman living with heart failure and Dr. Johanna Contreras, a cardiologist.

Marketing Daily: What elements have been involved in “Hear Your Heart”?

Livshina: “Hear Your Heart”includes traditional media education, partnerships, social media, digital media, video content, expert content, and a content hub at HFHearYourHeart.com.

Marketing Daily: What have been the results of the English-language campaign so far?

Livshina: As a result of our media outreach efforts, a variety of news outlets covered the initiative including, consumer, industry, health and wellness and medical trade outlets.

We’ve also seen strong results from social media campaigns, which raise awareness of health disparities and inequities, encourage our audience to prioritize their health, and drive to the content hub. To date we have seen 1.4M+ video views and 45K+ English-language program content hub visits.

We’ve also launched paid editorial integrations including custom articles, social content, digital banners and pre-roll video featuring program spokespeople. To date, we’ve seen 8.8M+ impressions across social content, digital banners and pre-roll, and 2.5M+ impressions on our articles.

Marketing Daily: How do the Spanish-language materials differ from the English-language content (besides the language, of course)?

Livshina: Given health inequities and disparities, we wanted to bring the experiences of Latina women living with heart failure to the forefront of “Cuide Su Corazón.”

Content was developed based on extensive research, as well as the real-world insights and opinions of Dr. Contreras and Lupe, to ensure our audience sees some of their own personal journeys in these stories and are empowered to better manage their condition.

Unique, tailored content to help Latina women better manage their care, found at CuideSuCorazonIC.com, includes videos featuring Lupe and Dr. Contreras and resources for Latina women living with heart failure.

Given the success of our social media campaigns and editorial integrations for “Hear Your Heart,” we’ve employed similar strategies for “Cuide Su Corazón,” launching social campaigns and paid editorial integrations with targeted media.

In 2023, we plan to launch additional Spanish-language materials for both care partners and healthcare professionals.

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