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Best Marketing Stunts Of 2022

Image above from spooky Sweden campaign.

2022 wasn’t a whimsical year. COVID's shadow still hung over the landscape.

Still, marketers had to do their jobs in 2022—attract attention to their brands in unique ways. The following are a few who did so tastefully and cleverly:

Velveeta Martini

After Kraft Heinz’s Velveeta saw sales of processed cheese rise during the pandemic, the brand launched a marketing initiative that let patrons order a Velveeta Martini at participating steakhouses. The Velveeta Martini was made with vodka, olive brine, vermouth and cheese.

Gatto Blanco by Fancy Feast

Fancy Feast, the cat food brand, opened a restaurant in New York City for just two nights, with entrees prepared in ways that helped cat owners understand how their pets experience food. A Mashable reporter who ate at the restaurant noted the food was “tasty” and beautifully plated.



Spellbound by Sweden

Looking for an offbeat holiday this year? Sweden reached out to would-be vacationers with this two-minute horror film promoting the country. Rather than talk about beautiful fjords and friendly Swedes, the video makes it look like you will be killed if you visit Sweden.

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