Out At KFC: Popcorn Chicken, Replaced By Chicken Nuggets

KFC is phasing out Popcorn Chicken, a snack-size menu item that has been available periodically since 1992.

Popcorn Chicken will be replaced by Chicken Nuggets, which are bigger. The new Chicken Nuggets will be sold in three options: 8, 12 or 36 pieces.

Chicken Nuggets will begin appearing around the end of January and early February.

The new offering first tested in North Carolina this summer and features all-white-meat breaded chicken pieces. They start at $3.49 for the 8-piece option. They can be dipped in KFC sauces including Honey BBQ, Classic Ranch or Honey Mustard.

A KFC rep told CNN this summer that the entry was aimed at “younger customers, like Gen Z and Millennials, who are interested in boneless chicken options.”

The KFC launch comes about a year after Popeye’s added nuggets to its menu.

In other changes, KFC plans to stop selling Chocolate Chip Cookies, according to reports.

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