Most Right-Wing Websites Saw Their Traffic Fall In November

Right-wing websites saw their traffic fall in November, with 17 or the top 20 sites suffering a decline, according to TheRighting’s analysis mobile and desktop traffic based on Comscore data.   

Traffic has been soft on most conservative sites all year. lost audience for the ninth month in a row.  But it was off by only 1% YoY, pulling 89,506,000 unique visitors 

“The ongoing softness in November traffic to conservative websites is a major surprise,” said Howard Polskin, President and Chief Curator, TheRighting.  

Polskin adds, “I anticipated a strong uptick because of the surprising results of the November midterm elections and Mr. Trump’s announcement about his 2024 presidential aspirations. The data suggests that right wing audiences may be suffering from either indifference or news fatigue.” 



The winners and losers were:


  • Washington Examiner (+19%)
  • Daily Signal (+9%)
  • Epoch Times (+5%)


  • Infowars (-70%)
  • Townhall (-68%)
  • The Federalist (-61%)

Meanwhile, The New York Times posted an increase in YOY traffic, generating 106,570,000 unique visitors, up 25% from November 2021. saw its YOY traffic rise by 4% to 145,552,000 unique visitors, the most of any news site tracked by TheRighting. Als, the Washington Post went up by 1% to 65,541,000 unique visitors.

Donald Trump’s Truth Social website increased 36% in November to 3,857,000 unique visitors, staunching a two month drop.  


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