PubWise Offers Publishers Self-Serve Access To Programmatic Ad Bidder

Programmatic ad management platform PubWise is offering its bidding tool on a self-serve basis, providing publishers with what it says is an on-ramp to programmatic demand access without the need for a technical services agreement..

The bidder, which features a wrapper solution, facilitates direct sales of PubWise inventory and can lead to increased programmatic advertising revenue and yield, the firm claims. 

PubWise supports web and mobile display AMP, CTV and video formats. Registration is free to publishers, who can implement the PWBid adapter via any Prebid.js or compatible third-party wrapper.

The company’s Smart Path Optimization Technology (SPOT) uses machine learning to optimize dynamically across the programmatic supply chain. In addition, PubWise has the authority to grant qualified publishers access to Google Ad Exchange (Google AdX).

The company's header bidding code is in place on hundreds of sites, logging hundreds of billions of data points and direct access to demand through its DSP and DMP.



“Publishers who run their own prebid will understand and appreciate how easy it is to plug into our demand and will quickly experience the revenue effectiveness we’re driving for our publisher partners,” states Stephen Johnston, Jr., founder and CTO of PubWise.

Johnston adds that PubWise allows publishers to avoid managed services agreements. 


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