Litmus Unveils New Tagline, Saying Every Email Send Should Count

Email marketing company Litmus has unveiled a new tagline: “Make every send count.” 

The company seeks to “optimize the email experience and eliminate the pain points that cost brands so much time and money,” thus making every send count,” says Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus. 

“Too many companies are sending out broken emails without even knowing it,” Nierenberg adds. “They’re also missing the deeper insights needed to improve results, and they can’t find the tools it takes to personalize at scale.”

In November 2022, Litmus announced an integration with Klaviyo called Litmus Extension, enabling users to test emails, including those with dynamic, personalized content, from the Klaviyo platform without switching between tools.

In June 2022, Litmus debuted a marketplace to help email senders achieve personalization and gain efficiencies in workflow and creation. The new offering, Litmus Integrations Marketplace, is a one-stop shop for utilizing all Litmus integrations, the company says.



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