New Buffalo Wings Tradition: How About Some Hidden Valley Ranch?

Some fans of Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing recently got a taste of the brand’s generosity.

Hidden Valley Ranch hosted the Hidden Valley Ranch Dive Bar in Buffalo, N.Y., a city notorious for consuming only blue cheese.

Former Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson headed up the event on Feb. 4, at Southern Tier Brewing Co.. The brand also gave a donation of 5,000 meals to FeedMore WNY, a nonprofit organization that offers free meals to those in need in Western New York state.

When asked what precipitated this event, a rep noted that more then 1.45 billion Buffalo wings were expected to be consumed the week of the big game “And in Buffalo, New York, where the Buffalo wing was created, there have been very specific guidelines about wing consumption,” he said.

Those guidelines include the “blue cheese is king” mentality, the rep said. But “This year, Hidden Valley Ranch wanted to extend a sauced-up olive branch by diving into opposing team territory to celebrate the Buffalo wing together with football superfans and Buffalonians who simply love wings.”



The brand offered 25 fans the chance to dive into their own table. “There was such enthusiasm and excitement to dive that all the slots filled up within the first 30 minutes at the event,” the rep said.

The rep added that the brand catered to Buffalo fans. “The restaurant served the Hidden Valley Ranch just like they would Blue Cheese,” the rep said. “With every order, and in a ramekin.  And while we don’t expect to change too many minds here, we wanted to share some fun and celebrate the Buffalo wing with the people of Buffalo during the No. 1 wing-eating week of the year.”


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