Runway Debuts Text-To-Video AI Technology

Creators will soon be able to generate a video simply by typing text, thanks to a new Generative AI tool from Runway. 

The text-to-video feature, dubbed Gen 2, can realize “entire worlds, animations, stories, anything you can imagine,” according to a video created by prompts that released by the firm on Monday. 

For instance, the user can type in a prompt, stating, “Aerial drone footage of a mountain range.”

Gen 1 is a recently introduced tool that lets users create videos out of existing ones. In addition, the company offers Stable Diffusion, a text-to-image model.  

The company says it can support several modes, including text + image to video, image to video.  

Gen 2 is expected to be available in the near future. According to Reuters, it will be offered on Discord via a waitlist on the Runway website.

Founded in 2018, the company raised $50 million in Series C funding last December. 



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