Subway Footlong Pass Is Back

Subway is bringing back its footlong sandwich subscription, Footlong Pass. Through Footlong Pass, customers get 50% off their footlong sub purchase, up to once a day for 30 days for $15. The potential savings for those who opt in run as high as $150.

The chain first introduced the program in August 2022 as an exclusive perk for its Subway MyWay rewards members, selling out all 10,000 passes in less than six hours. Now, Subway is offering 250,000 passes.

The offer began at 8 a.m. EST on March 21. Fans can redeem it once a day throughout the month of April.

The Pass “showcases all of the things our fans crave from Subway: our footlong subs, everyday value and, of course, exclusive perks for loyalty members,” Barb Millette, senior director of loyalty and gift cards at Subway, said in a press release.

The offer is available via the brand’s MyWay Rewards program, so those who opt in will be entered into the brand’s marketing ecosystem. Subway’s hope is that by prompting customers to come back as often as every day, it will make Subway part of their daily routines

The promotion comes as recent research from PMNTS found that while only 17% of consumers were “very” or “extremely” interested in joining a subscription service, 78% of subscribers and 73% of those interested in subscriptions say they are very or extremely loyal toward their preferred fast-food restaurants. Just 41% of those uninterested in subscriptions answered the same way.

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