Jennifer Rubin To Write Weekly Newsletter For 'Washington Post' Opinions

Washington Post Opinions columnist Jennifer Rubin is jumping into the email newsletter arena this Friday with a weekly e-letter. 

“I’m incredibly excited to have a platform where I can connect with subscribers, delve into the most important stories of the week and share some of my experiences and interests outside politics,” Rubin states. 

She adds, “This will be an opportunity for our most loyal readers to get greater perspective on events and enjoy new material beyond what I write each week in my columns.”

Rubin, who has been writing for the Post Opinions section since 2010, has built “a devoted readership around her consistently insightful work,” states Washington Post Opinions Editor David Shipley. “This newsletter will give those readers a new form through which they can discover her journalism and connect with her thinking.”



Rubin’s new offering joins a growing roster of email newsletters from the Post’s Opinions section. Most recently, it launched Today’s Opinions, a daily written by Drew Goins, assistant editor of Opinions.

In addition, the Post sends a newsletter by columnist Karen Attiah, The Checkup with Dr. Wen and The Week in Ideas.


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