'Newsweek' Partners On Program To Foster Civil Debate Among Youth

Newsweek, the 90-year-old news organization, has formed a partnership with the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues (NAUDL) to foster civil discourse among young people. 

The initiative, called Mightier, will kick off with a live debate on Friday, April 14, at Newsweek’s headquarters in the World Trade Center in New York City.  

High school debaters from Washington, D.C., Denver and San Jose will share their perspectives on affirmative action, the use of artificial intelligence in the workplace, immigration, climate optimism and other issues.

The students, who were chosen based on their performance in NAUDL’s public debate series, I RESOLVE, will appear on Newsweek’s podcast, "The Debate." These episodes will be featured on Mightier’s new digital content hub, which debuts April 20. 



“These high school students have demonstrated their passion for the exchange of ideas,” states Nancy Cooper,” global editor in chief for Newsweek. “They see—and remind us of—the power of debate, and the crucial role it plays in encouraging those around us to seek common ground.” 

Newsweek will also offer NAUDL opportunities to access its readership for fundraising efforts.  

The Mightier hub will also include: 

-- Videos highlighting the personal stories of the students featured  in the April 14 debate. 

-- A six-episode podcast miniseries documenting the students’ visit to New York City and the Newsweek headquarters.

-- News coverage of NAUDL debates, events and developments throughout the year.

“I am sure those that visit Mightier will find our debaters provide thorough and objective analysis, suggest practical solutions, and identify related impacts,” states Rhonda Haynes, the executive director of NAUDL.  

Haynes adds, “They may still be in high school, but they are keen in their insights—giving me considerable hope in simply knowing that they are willing and more than capable of leading through one of the toughest societal challenges in modern times.” 


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