StudioNow, CreatorLNX Integrate Content Creators Using AI Into Marketplace

StudioNow, a creative production platform and marketplace, will integrate CreatorLNX by FTC’s 350+ AI-enabled creators into Studio Now’s self-serve platform.

The goal is to build “a vibrant community that fosters education, provides access to tools, promotes a culture of curiosity, and creates unique creative opportunities with tangible benefits for members,” says Brett Danahy, Founder and managing partner at FTR.

The arrangement will “not only augment our creative capabilities but will redefine the very essence of creative production for businesses,” adds David Mason, CEO of StudioNow

The companies claim the integration will provides brands, enterprises, media companies and SMBs with access to a diverse range of individuals working at the cutting edge of generative AI.

In addition, it reflects a transformative shift in which AI is seen as a toolset instead of a threat.





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