Litehouse Calls Out The Giant Carrots For National Salad Month

Litehouse dressings and dips enthusiast Ranch Guy has emerged from his “Ranch Cave” to advise family, friends and his life-size carrot bestie how to celebrate National Salad Month.

When Ranch Guy arrives at an outdoor gathering, he announces he’s there not to crash the party but to dress it up—as seen in this latest installment of the “Litehouse In The House” campaign.

One of the festivities he leads is a new version of beer pong that involves tossing a cherry tomato into a cup of Litehouse Homestyle Ranch.

“Dress to impress, y’all,” Ranch Guy says before revealing “the magic words are drizzly, drizzly.”

Deciding to make an even bigger splash at the gathering, he executes a cannonball dive into a swimming pool—while fully clothed.



According to Litehouse, nearly half of 2,000 consumers surveyed last year by OnePoll for Fresh Express said that summer is the best time to eat salads.

“From late spring through summer, consumers often seek out lighter meals, which naturally leads to an increase in salad consumption,” Litehouse vice president of marketing and communications Paul Hemingway said in a news release.

In the previous iteration of the “Litehouse In The House” campaign, Ranch Guy indulged in dressings and dips in his “Ranch Cave” for breakfast, lunch, dinner, “second dinner, midnight snack” plus a “2 a.m. good-boy treat.”

Celebrated every May, National Salad Month was created in 1992 by the Association for Dressings and Sauces.

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