Time Collaborates With The Outrider Foundation On Reporting Fellowship

Time is collaborating with the Outrider Foundation on a fellowship to support reporting on nuclear security.  

W.J. Hennigan, a Time senior correspondent based in Washington, will be Outrider’s newest fellow, the fourth to be named.

During his fellowship, Hennigan will produce a series of stories on nuclear-security issues from deeply reported pieces to reporting on news developments. 

“Throughout my career, I’ve prioritized coverage of nuclear weapons and non-proliferation issues,” Hennigan says. 

Hennigan adds that he is “eager to provide Time readers with a series of profiles and articles that examine the implications of this new nuclear age,” Hennigan adds.  

The development follows Time’s recent announced that it is scrapping its digital paywall in a move that will make all content, including 100 years of archival material, free, effective June 1.




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