Brands, Creators Offered Gen AI Art Tools From Adobe

Adobe is offering a range of generative AI art services along with an indemnification provision for content generated using its new tools. 

The company today unveiled Generative Recolor, the first integration of Adobe Firefly in Adobe Illustrator, during the MAX London event.

Now in beta, Generative Recolor can transform colors in vector artwork, eliminating the need to create color variations manually, Adobe says.  

“Firefly will help customers accelerate their creative process and save countless hours, while facilitating rapid ideation, experimentation and asset creation," says Ashley Still, senior vice president, digital media at Adobe.

In addition, users can obtain an IP indemnity from Adobe for content generated by certain Firefly-powered workflows, the company says. 

Firefly will be embedded directly into creators’ workflows  to generate commercially safe, professional-quality content., the company claims. 



It works as follows: Users can put in basic text prompts like  “noon in the desert” or “midnight in the jungle,” and the technology will apply colors to complex vector graphics, relieving the artist of having to do this manually, Adobe says.  

Brands and publishers can custom train Firefly with their branded assets with the goal of generating content in the brand’s unique style and language, while using APIs to increase automation, Adobe continues.  

According to Adobe, Recolor offers these benefits to designers:

  • Faster color capture
  • Color discovery and transformation
  • Multiple colorway variations

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that Adobe will sell flat-rate subscriptions for access to new generative AI tools. As part of this effort, licenses will “remove watermarks from generated images, and if a customer is sued for infringement, Adobe will pay damages and help in court,” Bloomberg reports, paraphrasing comments made by Still in an interview. 

Bloomberg notes that Adobe has a service like this for Adobe Stock, its library of digital images.



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