The 100 Companies, A Network Featuring 100-Word Stories, Is Up For Sale

The 100 Companies, a firm that supports newsletters and websites containing stories of exactly 100 words in 24 local markets and six industry verticals, is for sale.   

Chris Schroder, who founded the network 10 years ago, notes that “I’ll be 67 in November and it’s time for someone younger with vision, direction and energy to lead The 100 to its next phase."

The Atlanta-based company, which delivers 2.3 million newsletters per month, reaching 1.28 million readers, is offering its brand trademarks, domains and software. 

It also invites potential buyers to blend in its “remote workforce of publishing professionals.”

The 100 Companies apparently seeks to scale up to serve additional communities. 

The company states that its team handles writing, editing, designing, producing and distributing newsletters to custom databases. It also helps clients with social media actions. 

The verticals it serves include travel, associations, finance and PR.

One newsletter covering the story of the purchase availability is The Pittsburgh 100, which features the tag line, “Building the Pittsburgh community 100 words at a time.”

Naturally, the story is 100 words. 



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