Get Baked! Stoner's Pizza Joint Expands In Florida


Stoner’s Pizza Joint, the Fort Lauderdale, FL, pizza franchise that unabashedly targets their marijuana-partaking clientele with a logo that only slightly differs from a pot leaf, today announced it has signed a multi-unit agreement that will bring three new stores to the Tampa, FL market over the next two years.

The stores are operated by Stoner’s Pizza franchisee and COO Scott Mobley, who already operates three additional stores in Florida. The first Tampa location is set to open by October.

“When you have something good, you double down and look for new markets that suit Stoner's Pizza,” said Mobley. “We've had our eye on the Tampa market for several years … We are aggressively looking to open additional locations throughout the Tampa metro market (and) make sure ALL of Tampa gets baked!"



Stoner's Pizza Joint concept is focused on delivery and takeout vs. in-store dining. Menu items include a variety of specialty pizzas, calzones, strombolis, sandwiches, hickory-smoked chicken wings, prepared salads and baked desserts. The chain has locations in Colorado, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida. Founded in 2013, Stoner’s has set an expansion goal of 100 units by the end of 2025.

Stoner’s is by no means the only chain targeting the “higher” customer. California-based Chronic Tacos has been touting their “#TacoLife” across the U.S., Canada and Japan since 2022 and sells merchandise emblazoned with slogans like “Where’s the Chronic?” (“chronic” is the marijuana smoker’s term for high quality weed). Taco Bell recently teamed up with musician/actor/entrepreneur Snoop Dog, essentially the mayor of marijuana, for “Snoop’s Munchie Meal,” which was available for a limited time this past summer and supported by a significant TV ad campaign.

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