Amazon Distinguishes Between AI-Generated And AI-Assisted Content

Amazon’s new guidelines for self-publishers require that they disclose AI-generated content.  

But Amazon makes a distinction between AI-generated and AI-assisted material. While the rules specifically pertain to books, they could serve as a standard for other types of publishers. 

“We require you to inform us of AI-generated content (text, images, or translations) when you publish a new book or make edits to and republish an existing book through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing),” Amazon states in its KDP Community Forum. “AI-generated images include cover and interior images and artwork.” 

But it adds, "you are not required to disclose AI-assisted content.” 

The guidelines continue, “You are responsible for verifying that all AI-generated and/or AI-assisted content adheres to all content guidelines. For example, to confirm an AI-based tool did not create content based on copyrighted works, you're required to review and edit any AI tool outputs.” 

As for enforcement, the guidelines state: “Authors, publishers, and selling partners are responsible for adhering to our content guidelines.”



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