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Disney, Pixar And The Jobs Factor

How would a Disney-Pixar merger, which by now looks set to be announced imminently, change the entertainment landscape? The San Jose Mercury News asks several industry watchers who all agree that a merger between the entertainment companies is all about Steve Jobs, concurrent Pixar Studios and Apple Computer CEO.  Jobs and Apple have all but transformed the music industry with the iPod and ITunes, which now reaches 14 percent of the active Internet Universe, according to the traffic counters from Nielsen/NetRatings. Meanwhile, PIxar's films, which had been co-produced and distributed by Disney until the company's parted ways two years ago, were consistently some of Disney's highest grossing films.  One analyst believes that with Jobs at the helm, a Disney-Pixar deal would extend to an online distribution partnership with Apple.  Others warn that Apple must remain neutral to a Disney-Pixar deal if it wants to attract content to its media store from other major entertainment companies.




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