New Identity Tool For Advertisers Launched By InMobi

Advertisers are being offered an AI-powered tool that will allow them to shift from identity-centric targeting to reliance on more limited consumer identity signals, InMobi says. 

InMobi’s new addressability solution, the Gradient, could help both advertising and publishers navigate “the ever-changing world of digital advertising,” says Todd Rose, senior vice president of addressability at InMobi. 

The goal is to provide “relevant, effective, and privacy-conscious advertising experiences to consumers,” Rose adds. 

InMobi, a provider of content, monetization and marketing technologies, released a study earlier this year showing that 65% of marketers say their key focus area for 2023 is identity resolution and contextual targeting.

The Gradient is integrated with LiveRamp’s RampID, a pseudonymous, people-based identifier, and mobile advertising identifiers. 

Among other things, the Gradient helps firms achieve compliance with laws such as the GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act, InMobi says. 



InMobi argues that consumers are increasingly worried about privacy, resulting in more opt-outs from tracking and personalized ads.

“Signal loss is affecting advertisers broadly, whether it’s third-party cookie deprecation on display or ATT on mobile,” says Sam White, head of addressability, adtech platforms, LiveRamp.

White claims that RampID helps advertising “gain enhanced addressability and access to high-quality authenticated inventory, ensuring their campaigns reach the right audiences and maximize effectiveness.”




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