MTV Reorganizes, Emphasizes Multiplatform Strategy

  • January 26, 2006
Trumpeting buzzwords such as "engagement" and "multiplatform strategy," MTV today revealed plans for a "radical reorganization" that aims to secure and expand the brand's online and offline presence. With an eye to the growing popularity among key youth demographics of "convergent" technologies--especially multi-use portable electronic devices--MTV execs Christina Norman and Brian Graden promised an "engaging universe of music, entertainment, news, community and interactivity" that will be accessible across many different platforms. One-half of the new "universe" will focus on video, music, and news delivered online and via multi-use devices, while the other half will continue to reside in the world of linear television with new "long-form franchises"--feature-length shows--which can then migrate to its online portal.

--Erik Sass

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