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A Look Back: How Google Took Control Of ... Everything

Business 2.0 writer Chris Taylor, in fanciful flight into the imaginary future, takes a look back at the early part of the 21st century to fathom how Google began its inexorable march toward total control of ... well, in Taylor's mind, practically everything. Let's hope Taylor's imagination, though colorful, turns out to be inaccurate. He sees a Google that controls the book publishing business, not to mention virtually all of television. (Google TV.2: "Viewers could choose any show they wanted from the history of TV; all they had to do in return was sit through just one commercial before each show, and then vote with their remotes on how relevant they found each ad.") Taylor then "sees" Google becoming a big player in mobile phones and even journalism, winning two Pulitzer Prizes in 2020. He concludes his piece by asking readers to stay tuned for future installments: "Google is the Internet," "Google is dead," and "Google is God."




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