Getting The Drop On Media -- While You Shop

In-store digital signage is about to get a lot more attention from data-addicted media buyers with the unveiling of a state-of-the-art, real-time measurement system created especially for in-store networks. Washington-based DS-IQ and Broadsign Inc. have integrated their technologies to create a system capable of measuring and predicting sales lift based on ads running on various retail networks.

"This integration will help the digital signage industry to upgrade its status as an emerging medium and an indispensable part of the media mix," explains BroadSign CEO Cord Christiansen.

The new technology enables BroadSign play logs to merge with retail point-of-sale data so that retailers and advertisers can monitor how each ad campaign affects sales directly from their laptop PCs.

"Leading retailers and consumer packaged goods companies have told us that they want to expand the use of in-store media to reach their consumers and boost same-store sales," says Tom Opdycke, CEO of DS-IQ. "But in order to start moving their ad dollars, they have to have access to this sort of detailed information."

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