AI Shy: Most U.S. Readers Reject Its Use In Journalism

Most Americans are against the use of AI in journalism, according to a new survey by the subscription app Readly. 

Of those polled, only 10% believe AI should be utilized in the news business. That includes 15% of those in the 18-29 age bracket and 16% aged 30-39. 

Going up the age scale, even fewer support it — 6% of the 40-59 cohort and 7% of those over 60. 

Similarly, a mere 12% agree AI would benefit the legal/judicial field. 

Where AI makes stronger inroads is in the health area.

Of consumers over age 60, 39% are enthusiastic about use of AI in medicine. Specifically, 33% cite benefits in research, 31% in medicine/edical tech, 30% in smart home devices, 29% in tech coding and 26% in cybersecurity.  

Yet only 16% support AI use in providing companionship, and 17% in the area of transportation. 



It depends on age: 28% of younger consumers accept AI’s use in socializing and companionship, but 48% of those over 60% are against it.  

Also on the downside, 46% say AI will be harmful in the banking/financial services sector. That falls to 30% in the 18-29 age grouping, but hits 55% for those over 60. 

There also is a gender gap in some areas: 20% of women support its presence in teaching versus 31% of men. In addition, 21% of women approve of its use in financial services, compared to 31% of men. 

“Americans are happy to embrace technology in the home, but are wary of overreliance on AI in areas where human judgment plays a crucial role,” concludes Chris Couchman, head of content at Readly. 

Couchman adds, “AI’s capacity to negatively affect critical sectors such as journalism, banking, and the law is a source of anxiety for many Americans though many are open minded about its use elsewhere.”

Readly surveyed over 1000 U,S. respondents. 




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