Huey Magoo's Pitches Another Definition Of G.O.A.T.: Greatest of All Tenders



“The Filet Mignon of chicken,” as Huey Magoo’s Chicken Tenders refers to its main dish, is featured as the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Tenders) in a new campaign from agency of record InnoVision.

The effort, which consists of online video, social media posts, giveaways, limited edition merchandise and email marketing, is the third campaign from the agency using the tagline “The Filet Mignon of Chicken.”

The centerpiece of the effort, a :30 online spot that can be seen here, depicts a family of children, their mother and grandmother dining at a Huey Magoo’s. Grandma expresses her displeasure, shouting “I thought we were having filet mignon!” as the family digs into their meals. Her grandson explains “Grandma, that IS filet mignon, it’s the G.O.A.T!” After Grandma takes a bite of her meal, she exclaims “These ARE the Greatest of All Tenders!” while a voiceover explains how Huey Magoo’s only uses the best 3% of the chicken in its tenders, hence the G.O.A.T. attribution.



According to a release, “InnoVision wanted to showcase that people of all ages love The Filet Mignon of Chicken, regardless of what generation they belong to, from generation Alpha all the way to Boomers.”

Founded in 2004 and based in Orlando, Florida, Huey Magoo’s has expanded to over 200 franchise locations in states across the country including Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Ohio and Nevada. The chain is known for its signature grilled, breaded or “sauced” premium chicken tenders, salads, sandwiches and wraps.

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