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Things that Will (And Won't) Make News This Year

On his analyst Web log, Jupitermedias' David Card makes several interesting predictions for 2006. He expects TiVo and Netflix to be bought up next year, and possibly Apple Computer. TiVo, which is introducing a feature that allows users to search a database of TV ad spots, needs to hone in on what exactly it plans to do with the concept, he says. This could also be the year (or not) for Rupert Murdoch and News Corp., as we'll find out if the first major media conglomerate to aggressively move into new media makes any money off it. For publishers, deconstructing your site is becoming critical. If Google can't find all of your pages, they don't exist. Publishers need to think of their site as a series of landing pages with Google as the search engine. Among those topics on Card's long list of news items that will be talked about ad nauseam but will have little, if any impact on the Internet biz: blog network ad revenues, breaking up Time Warner (which he says won't happen), mobile music and video, China anything, and Google's offline advertising.

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