'Saveur' Magazine Returns To Print

Saveur magazine is back — in print. 

It will appear again in March 2024, and pre-orders are being taken right now, writes Kat Craddock, editor and CEO of Saveur. There will be two issues per year to start.  

The title’s previous owners stopped publishing print issues during the pandemic. Craddock says the loss was heartbreaking.  

The March drop will be “just in time for Saveur’s 30th anniversary,” Craddock adds.  

Not that Saveur is returning to monthly frequency. 

“Frankly, the old-school, high-volume print model isn’t sustainable — at least not for Saveur,” Craddock writes. “Traditional magazine publishing tended to rely on selling subscriptions for a song, sometimes even giving them away, just to build massive circulation lists. It’s no secret that the pool of potential subscribers isn’t what it used to be, and even huge circ numbers don’t promise the ad revenue they once did.  

Craddock continues that “the parts of our brand that make it special — the ambitious culinary travel writing, first-in-class photography and design, and rigorously tested original recipes — are expensive to produce. We also have a renewed dedication to offer fair and equitable compensation to our contributors. Therefore, the model has to change.



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