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L.A. Radio Industry Booming To Tune Of $1 Bil

The Southern California Broadcasters Association reports that the L.A. radio market, which is comprised of 59 commercial stations, "reaped more than $1 billion in 2005." Radio was the only L.A. medium last year to post revenue gains, says the broadcasters group. "Radio is growing," says a report from the association, "because more advertisers understand how consumers use different media. Working people in Los Angeles spend 3-1/2 hours each workday with radio.... Because we're not home, we look for companionship and connection. We don't use radio just as a music-delivery system. We look for emotional connection, for virtual neighborhoods." Billboard Radio Monitor, citing an industry report, says the L.A. radio market grew 3.4% last year; the national average for growth was 1 percent.



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