Union Blasts Pending Sale Of Newspaper by Lee Enterprises

The pending sale of The Southern Illinoisan newspaper to Paxton Media Group by Lee Enterprises has drawn a negative reaction from the NewsGuild, the union serving Lee employees. 

“Despite pronouncements by Paxton Media on Oct. 27 that it will foster ‘community-based journalism’ and ‘expand’ coverage through the purchase of The Southern Illinoisan, the entire union-represented newsroom has been told they should clear out their desks by Nov. 24,” the NewsGuild says. 

That would affect 10 reporters and editors, WSIL-TV reports. 

The union continues, “Paxton Media representatives have been telling major Southern Illinoisans advertisers and community leaders they are 'saving' the local paper by acquiring it. These statements are both deceitful and disgusting.” 

The union has filed a grievance and the sale is on hold, according to WSIL-TV. 



“This ill-advised sale transaction ignores not only the needs of the Carbondale community and the paper’s current employees, but the rights of investors who are being denied the opportunity to benefit from a better offer, from a local benefactor who would actually save jobs,” the union says. 

It also has some harsh words for Lee Enterprises.  

If this is the road Lee Enterprises intends to travel, where it guts newspaper holdings and passes on what’s left to disingenuous buyers who will disinvest in local news coverage, then all the communities where Lee owns news organizations have reason to fear for the future. 



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