MSN Taps Kanoodle For Blog Ads

MSN Spaces Friday began allowing its bloggers to sign up for Kanoodle contextual pay-per-click advertisements on their pages. The ads are expected to start appearing this week.

"Offering revenue sharing opportunities within MSN Spaces is a core way MSN can deliver on its commitment to creating the best communication services while responding to customer requests," an MSN spokesman said of the deal.

Kanoodle CEO Lance Podell said that the company will soon start serving its contextual pay-per-click ads on other MSN properties. Already, Kanoodle powers ads on MSN Gamezone, MSN Messenger, and, Podell said. ""We now are in a real master services agreement, to roll out through their MSN properties," Podell said.

MSN Spaces is the second consumer-generated media site to host Kanoodle advertisements--Six Apart, which manages the TypePad and LiveJournal blogging services, has a deal with Kanoodle to allow users to place contextual ads on their blogs, and share in the PPC revenues.

MSN rival Google has a similar arrangement on its own Blogger service--Blogger members are offered the option to subscribe to AdSense and place contextual pay-per-click ads based on their blog's content onto their site.

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