Galloping Web: Chinese Video Site Saw Fastest Growth From August To October

The Chinese video-sharing site was the top-trending site worldwide from August to October, one of several Chinese sites to make the top 10, according to Digital Silk. 

To determine these results, Digital Silk analyzed data from Similarweb to ascertain the fastest-growing sites in the three-month period. 

Here are the top 10: 

  1. is a Chinese video-sharing website owned by Xigua Video, which also produces video content for global audiences, having worked with organizations such as the BBC.
  2. is for the English Premier League soccer franchise, and enjoyed a 526% increase, hitting 66,685,262 visits in October. 
  3., a Pakistani site that provides live sports coverage and video streaming, jumped by 235% to hit 141,856,667 visits in October.
  4., a Chinese site that was focused on cracking the Digital Rights Managment software of PC games, generated a 231% hike to draw 70,218,173 visits in October. 
  5., a Chinese site that offers video streaming services, rose by 216% to garner 231,717,621 visits in October.
  6., an ad-blocking site, garnered a 203% hike, going to 69,787,604 in October.
  7. pulled a 198% increase, realizing 69,787,604 visits in October the site provides information about results among global leagues and competitions.
  8. saw a 165% boost to 392,874,883 visits in October; the Japanese-owned site allows users to compare product prices across Amazon, Rakuten Market, and Yahoo Shopping.  
  9., a site that helps influencers and retailers connect, achieved a 148% increase in traffic to 95,500,157 visits in October.
  10., the final site in the top 10, generated a 138% increase in traffic, going to 345,695,157 visits in October. The site belongs to Instructure, Inc., a producer of educational software such as Canvas.



“Knowing which websites are trending provides important information on what web users are looking for, which in turn allows for more effective ways of tailoring your content to meet this demand,” says Gabriel Shaoolian, CEO & founder of Digital Silk. 

Shaoolian adds that is “one of a few websites that made this list that deliver video content to users, which reflects the wider trend across the internet to provide users with more video content.” 

As for the increase seen by, this was “likely contributed to by YouTube pursuing more aggressive anti-adblock measures,” says Shaoolian.


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